when i look at you, everything stops. we're the only ones in motion. everything around us turns into a blur, we're the only ones in focus. everyone around us are in black & white, we're the only ones in colour. when i see you smile, laugh, walk, talk, or simply breathe, even for a second,…


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    hi. i’ve been working rlly hard on my account and it mean a lot if you followed. i love you. 🥺🤧 haha just wanted to keep it simple.

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    Hiii im just starting my account, please follow my account, it will mean a lot to me😁😁😁

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    Hi, same just read the first 2 comments. + if you followed I'll follow you back ;)

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    نتينا مقازبة شيماء يوتيوبرز مغربيه؟؟؟ حتى أنا من المغرب كنحماق عليك ❤❤

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    hey I really liked this wallpaper, imma use it! it’s super cute!

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    Qué lindooo

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